Patricia de Poel Wilberg

2024 Art Exhibition by Patricia de Poel Wilberg

Patricia de Poel Wilberg

Exciting New Art Exhibition Alert: Connections and Conversations at Montpelier Arts Center

We are thrilled to announce that Patricia de Poel Wilberg will exhibit her stunning works alongside other artists at the Montpelier Arts Center in Laurel, MD. This exhibition, “Connections and Conversations: Works by Twelve Artists from the Washington Glass School,” is part of Montpelier Arts Center’s 43rd annual invitational sculpture exhibition. The Montpelier Arts Center, along with other galleries, showcases rotating exhibitions by local and national visual artists.

Exhibition Overview:

Exhibition Dates: June 7 – July 28, 2024
Location: Montpelier Arts Center, Laurel, MD
Public Reception: Friday, June 7
Artist Talk/Luncheon: Friday, June 14

This year’s invitational highlights the innovative and boundary-pushing works of artists from the Washington Glass School. Using kiln-formed glass, painted with vitreous enamels, these artists delve into new territories, breaking away from traditional confines. Their works illuminate and examine the diverse worlds we inhabit, sparking meaningful conversations and creating connections among viewers.

The Art of Kiln-Formed Glass

Kiln-formed glass, also known as fused glass, involves heating pieces of glass in a kiln until they fuse together. This technique allows artists to create intricate designs and textures that are impossible to achieve through traditional glassblowing methods. When combined with vitreous enamels, which are finely ground glass particles mixed with pigments and binders, the results are stunning. The enamel paints are applied to the glass surface and then fired in a kiln, permanently fusing the colors and designs onto the glass.

Featured Artists and Their Work

Patricia de Poel Wilberg and her colleagues from the Washington Glass School have mastered these techniques, producing pieces that are not only visually captivating but also rich in meaning and cultural significance. Their works explore themes of identity, community, and the interplay between human-made and natural environments. By using glass as their primary medium, these artists challenge the traditional boundaries of sculpture and painting, creating hybrid forms that engage viewers on multiple levels.

Why This Exhibition Matters

The importance of exhibition spaces like Montpelier Arts Center in preserving and displaying art objects cannot be overstated. Considerations like light, relative humidity, and temperature are crucial in maintaining the integrity of the artworks. The Center provides a controlled environment that ensures these stunning glass pieces are presented in their best light, literally and figuratively.

Event Highlights

Public Reception:
Join us on June 7 for the public reception. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet the artists, enjoy some refreshments, and be among the first to experience the exhibition.

Artist Talk/Luncheon:
On June 14, there will be an artist talk and luncheon where Patricia de Poel Wilberg and other featured artists will discuss their work, the processes involved in creating their pieces, and the themes that inspire them. This is a great chance to gain deeper insights into the art and engage directly with the creators.

The Impact of Glass Art

Glass art has a unique ability to capture and manipulate light, creating dynamic visual effects that can change with the viewer’s perspective and the environment’s lighting. The pieces in “Connections and Conversations” are no exception. They utilize the transparency, translucency, and reflective properties of glass to explore and express complex ideas. This exhibition not only showcases the technical skill of the artists but also their ability to use glass as a medium for storytelling and social commentary.

Visit and Explore

Bring your friends and family for an inspiring experience that promises to be visually stunning and thought-provoking. The Montpelier Arts Center is located in the beautiful city of Laurel, MD, and offers a perfect setting for an afternoon of art appreciation.

Get Involved

Don’t miss out on this incredible exhibition. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a supporter of local artists, or simply looking for a unique cultural experience, “Connections and Conversations” at Montpelier Arts Center is a must-see event.

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